Real Estate Virtual Tour Photographer

Real Estate Virtual Tours

$299.00 – We do it all for you, price includes:
Photos, virtual tour, room measurements, floor plan, fly-through videos and shared on our facebook page.

Google Street View Approved Photography

$175 to $299 Depending on the size and complexity of the business. Most are $175 to $200
Includes all photo editing and uploading to Google Street View.


About Me

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m here to help with all of your virtual tour real estate photography needs. I specialize in virtual tours and love doing work for charities and non-profit organizations. If you run one of these and feel that a tour might attract donations, I’d be happy to volunteer my time and resources.


360 Degree 3D Virtual Tours

Are you selling a home? Nothing will give people a sense of what your house has to offer them like a virtual tour. Pictures are worth a thousand words and virtual tours are worth a thousand pictures. I can say this because some tours take 1000 photos to create.

The high resolution photos for the 360 degree image take between 60 and 80 photos all stitched and stuck together to form the sphere you stand in.

There are faster methods and we can do all of them, depending on your budget. You tell us how many rooms and square feet you have and we can get you a quote. It drives me nuts when websites don’t have prices so here are some examples:

A 3 bedroom home with two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, back deck and nice garden using our cheapest photography option would need a total of 50 360-degree photos. The cost for this home is $175 including everything, no other charge. Hosting for the tour on our website is included. This would be a “thin tour” meaning not a lot of photos per room/space. If you want more photos, no problem we can do that.

Our largest option for this type of tour maxes out at $299, and it’s based on the number of photos. During the shoot we keep you updated on the number of photos taken so you can put a stop to the expenses at any time.

As you can see, we’re very flexible on cost and would love to do business with you.

Virtual tours will offer a completely immersive view of your space. It comes with a 3d model that you can turn and move, then when you find the room you want to go to you can fly right down into the model and see the 360 photo of that room.

Instructions: Click on the image below. Bottom left corner you have different views, dollhouse and walking tour. On the top right corner you can select full screen. Click on the floor anywhere you see a circle to walk over there.

We’re part of the Google Street View Trusted crowd! What this means is that we can take photos of your business and upload them directly to Google Maps. When someone looks on Google maps they will be able to “virtually” walk right in the door of your business and see what you have to offer.

By having your business included in Google Maps, you’ll get more people looking at what you have to offer and of course more sales and more clients. It’s one more income stream and the cost is $199 for up to 5 photos. We have great pricing for larger business venues. Think about where you would like your customers to be able to walk to in your virtual tour and count up the locations. Each room should have at least one photo. And try to keep each gap between photos down to about 10 feet.

Got questions? Text or Call Ryan at 778 789 4907

Pay after the shoot is done.

Here’s an example tour: Google Trusted Photographer


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