Star Air Vision

Our Mission:

1. Protect the environment – We build long range exploration vehicles using solar power cells.
2. Virtual tours – to promote the importance of caring for our world.

We Have Two Departments:

Virtual Tours and Environmental Science

We use virtual tours to pay for the environmental science. Thank you for choosing to do business with us.

360 Degree 3D Virtual Tours

We offer high resolution 360 degree photography with walk-through capability. Walk-through means that inside each photo is a link to the next photo.

Have a look at one of our examples below:

Instructions: Click on the image below. Bottom left corner you have different views, dollhouse and walking tour. On the top right corner you can select full screen. Click on the floor anywhere you see a circle to walk over there.


Two Things We Offer

1. Exploration Vehicles

2. Virtual Tours

Hi, I’m Ryan. Owner and operator of Star Air Vision.

We do everything involved in Virtual Tours from business promotion to real estate sales. We also build aircraft that carry amazing cameras for aerial photography and virtual tours in the air.

A portion of the profits from virtual tours go towards building aircraft that are used in protecting nature.

Google business virtual tourWe’re part of the Google Street View Trusted crowd! What this means is that we can take photos of your business and upload them directly to Google Maps. When someone looks on Google maps they will be able to “virtually” walk right in the door of your business and see what you have to offer.

By having your business included in Google Maps, you’ll get more people looking at what you have to offer and of course more sales and more clients. It’s one more income stream and the cost is $40 for up to 3 photos. We have great pricing for larger business venues. Think about where you would like your customers to be able to walk to in your virtual tour and count up the locations. Each room should have at least one photo. And try to keep each gap between photos down to about 10 feet.

Got questions? Text or Call Ryan at 778 789 4907

Pay after the shoot is done.

Here’s an example Google business virtual tour Google Trusted Photographer


13780 115 Ave Surrey, BC
778 789 4907