This is a breakdown of which camera I would buy if I had to start over again in 360 photos for virtual tours.

The Samsung Gear 360 and here’s why.
2017 Version Click Here
I use the older high res camera from 2016, here’s the link – Click Here

There are no cameras that are worth buying that cost more than the gear 360 because they don’t offer any better stitching or resolution for the cost they want. In other words, anything that’s more expensive than the gear 360 doesn’t give you any better photos, maybe 5% or it’ll have the ability to change the ISO but most of those cameras are NOT changing the ISO! It’s just digital enhancing you can do yourself after anyways.

So why pay more for other cameras that don’t really offer much? If someone is saying to themselves as they ready this, there are WAY better photos out there than what the gear 360 produces and that’s true. But they’re NOT taken with a dual lens 360 camera. Wait WHAT?

They’re taken with a regular old digital camera on a tripod. The photographer spins the camera stopping at set points and takes a photo. Then rotates the camera a bit and takes another shot. When you have all 360 degrees shot, you stitch the photos together. I’ll write a how to on this and link it here later.

Here’s a list of cameras if you want to take a look at them and please leave your comments for me to counter comment below. Let’s get into this and see if someone can prove me wrong over the gear 360 being the best dual lens 360 camera for the cost.

Insta360 One – more expensive, cool camera but doesn’t have much better performance.
Gopro Fusion – Doesn’t have any better resolution in the end photo.
Ricoh Theta V – Double the price, fancy features you don’t need.

There are lots of others out there like Xiaomi Mijia 360 but it doesn’t have any better resolution, maybe slightly but not worth it.

In my kit for shooting virtual tours I have a Samsung gear 360, Sony a5000 digital, and a Matterport Camera but that’s only for doing shoots where the customer wants the dollhouse effect. For most of my tours at the higher price range I use a digital camera withe a wide angle lens and take up to 60 photos for one 360 spere photo all stitched together. For areas of the shoot that don’t need high resolution like walking down hallways I go to the gear 360.

For customers who want a quick shoot and at a cheaper rate I’ll do the whole shoot on the gear 360 and do one or two high res spheres just for good looks in featured areas.