Ok here’s the deal.

You make a donation in your name, you add mine as “in honor of” (most have this but not all and that’s ok – Ryan Ruttan starairvision.com). I will build and host a virtual tour for your business or for real estate sales. Once your donation is made please call or text Ryan at 778 789 4907 or email ryan@starairvision.com to setup a date.

Here’s a few places that I like:

Orca Lab


They are studying Orcas in Johnstone Strait & Blackfish Sound. Please consider a monthly donation to them while your virtual tour is live. No pressure, the amount is totally up to you.



Canada’s most endangered Mammal.

Northwest Wild Life

Who We Are

They are preserving wildlife in the Pacific northwest through education programs.

Pacific Wild
Pacific Wild addresses our conservation priorities through research, education and advocacy in the following three areas: Ocean, Land and Communities.

If you have another charity or program in mind that’s fine too. All I ask is that you make a donation and if they have an “in honor of” section in the donation please add my name Ryan Ruttan. It’s ok to make the donation in your name or your company name and keep the receipt for your taxes.

Please note: I, Ryan Ruttan do not accept any money at any time. I am not a charity and do not have charity status. I’m asking that you show me a receipt or swear up and down that you made a donation. If you do this I will create a virtual tour for you at no charge.

I’m doing this because it feels good to know that some of the work I do will go to help the environment.