All Inclusive Package for Real Estate Sales

This section is for real estate agents and home owners that are selling a house.

Here’s what’s included: $299

Lots of photos (up to 30 quality photos)
Virtual Tour.
Room Measurements.
Floor plan Image.
3d model of the house.
3d model fly through videos.
360 degree photos to share on facebook.
We share your virtual tour on our facebook page.

Prices include all photo shoot time on site, photo editing and hosting. No other charges apply.
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Do you do single items for a cheaper price? Yes but only the virtual tour is offered alone at $199. This price does not include the floor plan, room measurements or photos. We do not do photos alone, our primary passion is for virtual tours.

Examples of each item:


Virtual Tour:

Room Measurements and Floor Plan

Click the link below to see the PDF example that you’ll get.

3d Model of the house

Inside the virtual tour the viewer can open up a 3d model of the house and click on any part of it to fly down into that area of the virtual tour. This makes it very easy to jump from section to section. To see this part in action, click the tour above. When it finishes loading click the icon in the bottom left hand corner that says “View Dollhouse”. An image of the 3d model is also included:

3D Model Fly Through Videos

These little videos jump from a few feature rooms and share very well on platforms like facebook.

Shared on our Page

A part of every sale goes towards advertising our virtual tours page on facebook to attract more likes. Every tour we create gets shared on this page as an added bonus.

Google Street View

When we create a tour, we are able to upload it directly to google street view for people to see on google maps. This can attract a whole lot more people into your business and give viewers a clear idea of what your business is all about.