Google Approved Street View Business Photographer for Surrey, BC

As a Google Approved photographer I’m able to take amazing photos of your store and upload them directly to google street view. Most importantly the benefits of hiring a trusted photographer to do this is that you’ll get great exposure to customers you don’t yet have. Many people will look for parking and check out areas on google maps before going there. When they do, they’ll see an arrow pointing inside your store and may be tempted to go have a look.

Why I’m your best choice?
I don’t have any tripods in my photos and they are highest resolution available on Google Street View. Here’s a few links to some of my favorites:
Invergarry Bike Park on Google Maps

Some of my older photos will have the tripod in the shot like this one:
Urban Safari Virtual Tour

The price for this is $175 for up to 3 photos (steps – These are places on Google Street view that viewers can stand and look around, there are arrows on the ground that they can use to move to the next photo. Each photo is one step.). This package will cover most small business sizes.

Price Guide:

$175 for 3 photos (minimum purchase)
$199 for 5 photos
$229 for up to 10 photos
$299 for anything above 10 photos

Here’s an example Street View Tour:

Update: All of our photos are now higher resolution and have no tripod in the photo. These provide a much higher quality experience for the user looking like it’s a magic hovering camera that took the photo. In the photo below you can grab the screen with your mouse and move it around. If you look straight down you’ll see no tripod.
Here’s an example

The business in the example is SNhobbies on 6th street in New Westminster. You can see how people are able to walk right into the business from the street to have a look. The photos on the outside of the business are lower resolution 360 photos and the ones inside are high resolution allowing customers to see individual products on the shelves.

Are you looking to have your business on Google Street View so people can come inside and have a look around? Not a problem. We’re servicing the areas of Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey. The photographer is Ryan Ruttan, a Google Trusted Photographer who earned his badge filming parks in the Surrey area and now does business as well.

How long does it take to have the photos online? About 1 business day.

Google Approved Photographer

So do you work directly for Google? No, I’m a Google approved photographer and they have allowed me the right to upload to their server. I take their quality control guidelines very seriously and want to provide high quality photos not only for you, but for Google and your customers.

Feel free to call or text 778 789 4907
I can cover other areas, but Surrey is where I live and work mostly.

To get started please fill out this form and let me know what business you have and how many square feet you have roughly. We will get back to you with an exact quote.

I’m also available to do a real estate virtual tour as you can see on my home page.