Google Approved Street View Business Photographer for Surrey, BC

As a Google Approved photographer I’m able to take amazing photos of your store and upload them directly to google street view. Most importantly the benefits of hiring a trusted photographer to do this is that you’ll get great exposure to customers you don’t yet have. Many people will look for parking and check out areas on google maps before going there. When they do, they’ll see an arrow pointing inside your store and may be tempted to go have a look.

Google Street View Price Guide:

Pricing for camera option 1 and 2 only.
(Camera options are listed below)

$40 for 3 photos
$60 for 5 photos
$80 for up to 10 photos
$99 for anything above 10 photos

Pricing for option 3:

$90 for 3 photos
$120 for 5 photos
$200 for up to 10 photos
$250 for anything above 10 photos

All pricing includes photo shoot, photo processing and photo uploading to Google Street View.

Virtual Tour Camera Options:

  1. Instant 360 dual lens
  2. Matterport 6 lens HDR camera
  3. High resolution DSLR hand stitched photography

What’s the difference? I don’t know which one is better?

  1. Instant 360 dual lens

    Example  Photo
    This camera is very fast and takes a photo in all directions at once. This is the cheapest and fastest option. The camera sits on a tripod, everyone hides around a corner and with one click it’s all done. Photos can be uploaded the same day and if wifi is available on site, we can upload right there with instant availability online. This option is for the client who wants a real world look that provides more practical use and doesn’t need to impress. An example location for this camera would be parking lots, access points and providing specific directions for customers. This is the only option that allows for me to instantly place your logo at the bottom of each photo.

  2. Matterport 6 lens HDR camera

    Example Photo
    This option takes incredible photos with incredible lighting effects for that dreamy real estate professional look. The lights in the room will be brighter, there will be more detail in the photo and the viewer will be very impressed. The downside is that it takes processing to get the photos ready and will take up to three business days to see the results. It carries a higher price tag and takes longer, but the results are worth it.

  3. High resolution DSLR photography

    Example Photo
    You’ll notice right away that there is no tripod in these shots. These photos produce the highest resolution photography for places that want to show off a lot of detail in their business. This takes the most amount of time and carries the highest cost of the three options. The benefit is a wow factor second to none. You can zoom in and look at products on the shelf in much higher detail than any other method.

So which do I recommend?

In most cases I recommend the first option. It’s the most affordable and will usually provide everything the client needs. It also includes adding your logo to the bottom of each image. Option three would be great for a store that sells diamonds for example, It’s worth it to take the time and capture all of that detail. Option two is great for massage therapy and spa providers.

Google Approved Photographer

So do you work directly for Google? No, I’m a Google approved photographer and they have allowed me the right to upload to their server. I take their quality control guidelines very seriously and want to provide high quality photos not only for you, but for Google and your customers.

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I’m also available to do a real estate virtual tour as you can see on my home page.