1. Mary-Jane
    July 18, 2018 @ 5:48 pm

    It “used” to be a great little park. Building a road into it is an unmitigated disaster, no matter what City Council says. It is no longer a green space with no traffic. The road will become congested with traffic avoiding 104th Ave. during and after the construction of the LRT down the middle of 104th Ave. This will remove 2 lanes of traffic from one of the busiest routes in Surrey. Too many trees were cut down in the process of building the road. I have a feeling the park will be gone 50 years from now when the condo-developers have created a very densely populated neighbourhood. They will eventually wrangle the parkland away from the city, unless we have a City Council who will stand up to the developers.


  2. Annie Kaps
    July 18, 2018 @ 6:04 pm

    A road to accommodate Surrey First’s little choo-choo going from one shopping mall to another, all at the expense of democracy.
    After last year’s public hearing, defenders of Hawthorne’s bog met on bleachers adjacent to city hall and RCMP called by city……City’s abuse of Canadian Charter Rights of freedom of assembly. Defenders collecting signatures on civic plaza were told to leave and that it was illegal; and, after lawyer’s intervention regarding freedom of speech, recanted by a single line in email from Jane Sullivan, the city clerk. At Sounds of Summer in Holland Park, mics turned off by city until vociferous crowd demanded the right of freedom of speech.
    Millions needlessly spent. Citizens denied charter rights. Bog drained. “Artificial” park is what you’re showing.


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